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Big Brother Naija 2019: History and how to get selected at the audition

Big brother Naija 2019 is here again.

Of course this is where you will see thousands of people applying and attending the audition while they select just 20 people.

I will teach you on how to get selected at the big brother Naija 2019 Audition

How lucky are you? Yes, it goes with luck.

Big brother Naija 2019 would be selected by luck and merit, just like others.

Trust me.

Big Brother Naija 2019
Big Brother Naija 2019

Nina Ivy knew no one, I know her personally, but she was selected.

Alex barely know any one also but she was selected anyway.

Because if these two examples above, believe what I say.

I will tell you the history and how to get selected at the audition in Big brother Naija 2019.

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History Of Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija was previously known as Big brother Nigeria. Wiki.

It is a reality show competition were by more that 20 contestants would be isolated in a house competing for the prize of $125000.

Any body who is not evicted from the house till the end, stands a chance to win the $125000.

When was the first section of Big Brother 9ja held?

The first section of Big Brother Nigeria took place from March 5 to June 4, 2006.

It was shown on DSTV channel 37.

1st Season of Big Brother Naija 2006

  • Number of days spent was 92 days
  • Numbers of house Mates were 14
  • Winner was Katung
  • Runner- Up was Francisca

2nd Season Of Big Brother Naija 2018

It took place 11 years after the first premiere of 2006.

It’s name was changed from Big Brother Nigeria to Big Brother Naija.

Winner was Efe Ejeba, the Runner-up was Bisola

Season 3 of the Big Brother Naija

Was held 2018.
Miracle Igbokwe from Imo State became the winner and Cece Runner-up.

How to get selected at the audition of big brother naija 2019

Do you want to get selected at the Big Brother Naija 2019? Then you have to read this below….

Firstly, I would advise you to be yourself.

What I meant is, don’t act up to be someone else. They will know.

Remember, this Reality show is about living your normal life in public. So don’t fake.

Yes, they say, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. But don’t use that ideology here.

The only thing you should know is how to answer some key questions that would be thrown at you.

I will drop the questions towards the ending of this article.

Don’t act to be bold if you are not, and don’t act to be shy if you are not.

Big Brother Naija select base on the drama the find in you.

If you are happy, just be happy, if you are a sadist, maintain it, if you are funny, keep it up, and dummy? Carry it alone.

That is what set the house on fire. A house with different characters put together is an explosion.

That is what they want

Some people went ahead putting themselves at the Big Brother Naija 2019 logo, sorry to say, you stand a chance to loose more.

Don’t publicize your self. Just be your self and allow the judges to do their job.

Big Brother Naija 2019 will select base on merit.

Here is what Ebuka, the Host of Big Brother Naija 2018 has to say about being selected.

Housemates were picked for different reasons. Khloe for example was picked for drama, Vandora was a happy girl.

“It is not all about talent, you never know what they are looking for in the audition.

“There will be a drama person, a happy person, housemates’ characters are mixed.

“So, if for example 2 dramatic persons have been picked already, they will move to the next character.

“They have a template of what they want from housemates, it depends on them.

“The auditioners also realized that some housemates try so hard to be someone else in the house; maybe they got intimidated by other characters or they tried so hard to be what they are not in the audition,” —He said.

Big brother Naija 2019 would be a top Notch because it was in 2018.

I would say for sure that, this is the easiest way to be a celebrity after being selected

Reason People What to Attention Big Brother Naija 2019

Most importantly, I would say I due to the bad state of Nigeria. The suffering and Hardship.

You can see how the current state is right?

Hungry in the land

Graduate looking for jobs up and down and no body is willing to look into their file.

So they are looking for any single means to survive.

Why do you think thousands of people would go for an audition when they are fully aware that BBN needs just 20 people.

Out of those thousands looking for an opportunity to be in the house, there are 1st class, 2nd class degree holders.

But because no one is willing to look at them, then “any how em dey be, man must survive.”


Secondly, some of them want fame. Fame opens several doors.

Actress Regina’s boyfriend was spotted in line at Big Brother Naija 2019 audition covering his face and struggling to get in.

Maybe he was shy because people might just notice he is the one. But I know at least, he isn’t poor.

What about Tobi? Was he poor? No! Not at all. He was already working  in the bank and to crown it all, his father was/is a billionaire by the time he got into the house. So all he wanted was fame.

Anto? She was based in the United state, so don’t tell me she was poor before she got to the house because she wasn’t. What she wanted was fame and money to some extent.

Remember Teddy-A? You know he featured Phyno once  in his music? Maybe you don’t know. But he did. He just want to be popular.


The money is very important to them but popularity also matters mu.


Questions that may likely come out in Big brother Naija 2019

  • Why do you want to be on the show
  • What is your drive in life
  • Why do you think you deserve to be on the show
  • What are your strategies, getting into the house
  • If successful, do you have any plans after the house
  • Who is your favorite housemate and why?
  • How do you see the Big Brother Naija show? If you were to extent improvements, what would it be?

I wish you sucess!!!

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